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About us

Despre noi
   The ROMSAND COM SRL company was founded in 1995 as a producer and supplier of protection and individual work equipment.

   In the beginning, we functioned in rented spaces, where we founded and developed our textiles and leather products workshop.

   We started with 8 employees and, within 2 years, their number reached 32. At first, we used rented equipment. Within 2 years, we managed to buy our own equipment.

   Now, we have our own production base (land and buildings). During our 9 years of existence, we produced the entire range of protection gear necessary to various branches of manufacture and we marketed a diverse range of import protection equipment.

   We are authorized by the Ministry of Work and Social Protection as producers and suppliers of protection and individual work equipment.

Some of our clients are:

- Conel :
      - Hidrotehnica SA
      - Electrica SA
      - Termoelectrica SA
      - Transelectrica SA
- Combinatul Siderurgic Hunedoara
- Combinatul Siderurgic Galati
- Combinatul campia Turzii
- Santierul Naval Mangalia
- Cost Targoviste, etc.

  In our activity, we tried to prepack products bearing the mark “Made in Romania”. That is why we chose as suppliers the most important weaving mills and tanneries in Romania, such as

- SC Novatex SA Pitesti
- SC Iasitex SA Iasi
- Tabacaria Jilava
We should also mention our collaboration with the following importers:

- SC Renania trade SRL
- SC Matachand Protection SRL

We are currently looking to export our products and, for this, we are always searching for new external collaborators.

   We are also interested in collaborations in other domains (wood, timber and wood products). Hoping that this presentation has created a good image of our company, please accept our sincere good wishes.

Best regards,
General Manager
Ing. Romeo Sandu

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